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Case Study

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Project Brief

1- They’re creating a personalized newsletters depending on the industry thanks to their AI solution. We have focused half to drive actual newsletter signups within HR and Accounting and the other half was focused driving business deals within major corporations..

2- We have exceeded every single expectation they had per market (UK and US, ME). The expectation was to deliver $75 per newsletter signups and we have managed to deliver it from $15 per signup and additionally we have managed to provide them 2 large corporate deals for 6 months.

3- Based on their satisfaction with us they have continued to work with us for a year.

4- We did take a simplest approach of lead gen campaigns and we had almost no other type of objective since they were focused on signups and they’re already well known within the market as a company. Together with simple approach our ads were also simple (it can be seen in their LI Page on the Posts --> Ads

5- The only strategy included here was retargeting besides approaching only cold leads. And the campaigns generated $12 per lead instead of the usual $15 --$17. As with the engagement we can be sure they’re interested and they just haven’t decided to continue as of yet and needed more convincing via trust/credibility increase through ads.


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